Way to go Harford County!  Since the Adopt-a-Road Program began in 1994. Families, Schools, Programs, and Civic Organization have cleaned over 4,455 miles of Harford County Roads and removed 175,000 lbs of roadside litter, of which 54,000 lbs was RECYCLABLE!

The average amount of material that is thrown "away" that can be thrown in the recycle bin is estimated to be 75% on Earth.

In the USA only 34.3% is being recycled!
In Maryland the average is 43.5%!
The City of Havre de Grace is only at 25%

What the .... Let's stop kicking the can down the road and put it in the recycling bin!

For more Recycling Information for the City of Havre de Grace, Harford County, Maryland, USA please visit the the website below:

Recycling Information Harford County

Did you know that City Hall - Havre de Grace, MD is currently accepting common household and handheld device batteries, plastic bags, and old holiday cards for recycling?  Now you do!

Recycling and other Green Initiatives - City of Havre de Grace