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HdG Green Team Community Gardens

The HdG  Green Team started the Community Garden Initiative in 2012 with one pilot garden, located at Market Street 1, and expanded to three more sites in 2013 at Market St. 2, Seneca Avenue, and the Old Reservoir, thereby providing convenient access to garden plots throughout the city and  community of Havre de Grace.  The Community Gardens provide wonderful opportunity for people who might not have access to a gardening spot at their home.  The gardens are great places to make new friends and share growing tips and recipes. 

 To become a community gardener requires only a small annual fee for a 10’ x 10’ plot (with a maximum of two plots per gardener) and sharing in common tasks with other gardeners at their site.  Each gardener decides what to plant and can make raised beds or other improvements to their plot.  Water is available from large tanks at each site.   Gardeners agree to abide by a set of common-sense rules established for all the gardens, as stated in the 
Community Garden Application Form (pdf).

Oversight of the Community Garden Initiative is provided by a site leader for each garden. To assist the HdG Green Team Garden Coordinator, a gardener from each site and the site Garden Coordinator form the core of the HdG Green Team Community Garden Initiative Gardening Committee; the committee is responsible for budgeting, marketing, and policy matters, as well as providing  general leadership to their respective gardens.

 In addition to the efforts of volunteer gardeners, the gardens are made possible by the generous support of other organizations and individuals, which to date have included:

The community gardeners formally recognize our supporters with a garden party held near the end of summer.

We are always interested in ideas for improving and expanding our community garden initiative.  By reaching out to us on our contact page we can review, plan, and implement to help us bring even greater benefits of community gardening to Havre de Grace!

 I look forward to gardening with you next year! 

Carol Zimmerman
Garden Coordinator
609-731-9916 (m) 

Carol Zimmerman

Garden Coordinator