We are  a grass roots organization committed to our 3 R's:

We promote and support all green team initiatives in our city of Havre de Grace, Harford County, Maryland, USA.

Recycling Initiative

According to the EPA, approximately 75% of the trash Americans throw away each week is recyclable.  Yet only 25% ​is actually recycled in Havre de Grace!  We are a long way from making Havre de Grace into Havre de Green!

When recycling happens, products that would normally be discarded are broken down and turned into something valuable. They receive a second life and landfills are spared the waste.

Working together we can  increase recycling rates by raising awareness of recycling in Havre de Grace through information sharing and community outreach.

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Please join us for Green Drinks at Coakley's  Pub on Thursday May 22nd at 6 p.m.   Meet  folks who are living "green" in Havre de Grace!

Havre de Grace Green Team

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​​​​Community Gardens Initiative

  • Grow and Eat Your own Organic and Healthy Food
  • Meet New People
  • Learn more about Nature
  • Save Money on Produce
  • Get Great Exercise

10' x 10' plots are now available for the 2019 growing season,  for only $40!

Please see the Community Garden Application (pdf) to apply.

Water, Mulch & Deer Fencing Included​​

Cycling, Rails, Trails & Waterways Initiative

Are you interested in helping to establish a safe, robust network of bicycle, pedestrian, and waterway trails throughout Havre de Grace and Harford County Maryland? 

Do you have a passion for waterfalls, hiking, trailing, or cold-weather fun? 

Our Cycling, Rails, Trails and Waterways Initiative  can be your conduit to fun single, group and family level adventures!

Havre de Grace and Harford County MD are an excellent place to do all of the above with adventures for all ages and expertise levels.  Join us, see what makes our city of Havre de Grace a place of Havre de Green.

​​​​​​​​​Education Initiative

Please join us to learn and to share information on environmental issues.  Each monthly  documentary,  presented by the Havre de Grace Green Team  and the  Havre de Grace Maritime Museum,  is  free  with time for discussion afterward.

 For details and trailers for each film click on the film title.  

Eating Animals on April 10th

The Evolution of Organic on May 8th

Meet the Coywolf on June 12th